Can I have more choice than is currently on the menu?

The school selects the menu items from the options the Food Provider makes available. We can discuss with the Food Provider further options if required.

Can lunches be cancelled?

Orders can be cancelled for future lunches as long as the cancellation is received by the Provider’s cut off time.

How do I get refunded the money in my account?

There is a ‘Cancel Account’ request form on the Lunchonline website. This is to be completed by the Account Holder. This will cause the Account to be closed and the monies refunded. If the account balance is large then Lunchonline will make direct contact with the Account Holder to verify authenticity. There may also be an account closure fee depending when the refund is required.

What is the daily order deadline?

It will vary by Food Provider but it is usually 9am on the day of delivery.

What do I do if my child changes School?

The Family details can be changed. You will be able to update your child’s details to their new school, provided that school uses the Lunchonline programme. The menu available to your child will now be from the Food Provider(s) of the new school. If Lunchonline is not available, the school can contact us to make this available.

How far ahead can I order lunch?

It is up to the Food Provider to specify how far ahead orders can be placed but it is usually up to 4 weeks in advance.


  • Trudi and the crew at Lunchonline are awesome … and their set-up is almost as awesome as they are! Nothing is too hard for them when we send the ‘curly’ requests, the system spits out the orders in a clear and VERY user-friendly manner – very easy for our staff to process every day.

    Big 5 Stars for you guys! – we appreciate all you do in helping us serve up tasty, nutritious food for school lunches, that children and parents rave about!

    Alan - Pita Pit Taupo

    I am so grateful for those healthy lunches. I can order last minute and it makes a big difference to our daily lives.  Not to mention, I get to feel good about what my kids are eating at school, instead of the guilt of last minute packet lunches because we ran out of xyz! 

    Kaylee - Parent

    Remarkables Primary School joined Lunchonline in February 2017. Parents find the website very user friendly to form accounts, making ordering children's lunches very simple!

    Trudi and the ladies are fabulous with their communication with food providers, families and us. They are very swift in actioning changes, minimising errors.

    We have no hesitation in recommending Lunchonline to other schools nationwide.

    Remarkables - Primary School

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