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What is involved in being a Lunchonline Food Provider?

Firstly we connect you with a school requiring the lunch service. You discuss and agree the food options and delivery times with the school. We give you a Food Provider login to our website and you enter your menu into the website.

Once the start date has been set, the families at the school can start ordering. We take care of all payments from the parents and we make all payments to you.

When do we get paid for the lunches?

You will receive payment on the first working day of the week following trading. (The payment occurs in the evening based on the banks’ overnight processing times).

Who sets the prices of the food?

You set the prices. We encourage you to have a menu that would suit the school that you are working with i.e. Primary schools normally have lunches priced between $5 and $6.

Can we have different menus for different schools?

Yes. You can have a range of menus across schools and you can also have more than one menu at a school. For each menu and school, you specify the cut off time for orders.

Can I choose the schools I want to work with?

Yes you can. We understand that it is in your best interest to work with the schools that are close to your business and that would suit your food range.

How does delivery of the lunches work?

It is up to you to organise delivery to the school. Each school may require a different delivery time. This would be discussed at the time of taking on a new school.

Can I find my own schools to sell to?

Yes, finding your own schools to work with is a great way to grow your business.

What kind of food should we make available?

The food in your menu will be driven primarily by the requirements of the school. For instance, schools will want to see a good range of healthy options whilst still offering some treat items.


  • Trudi and the crew at Lunchonline are awesome … and their set-up is almost as awesome as they are! Nothing is too hard for them when we send the ‘curly’ requests, the system spits out the orders in a clear and VERY user-friendly manner – very easy for our staff to process every day.

    Big 5 Stars for you guys! – we appreciate all you do in helping us serve up tasty, nutritious food for school lunches, that children and parents rave about!

    Alan - Pita Pit Taupo

    I am so grateful for those healthy lunches. I can order last minute and it makes a big difference to our daily lives.  Not to mention, I get to feel good about what my kids are eating at school, instead of the guilt of last minute packet lunches because we ran out of xyz! 

    Kaylee - Parent

    Remarkables Primary School joined Lunchonline in February 2017. Parents find the website very user friendly to form accounts, making ordering children's lunches very simple!

    Trudi and the ladies are fabulous with their communication with food providers, families and us. They are very swift in actioning changes, minimising errors.

    We have no hesitation in recommending Lunchonline to other schools nationwide.

    Remarkables - Primary School

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